Public Relations - Events Organizing

It concerns the full organization of the following:

  1. Inaugurations
  2. Events
  3. Conferences

A conference event is a complex process that requires a combination of multiple organizational, communication and travel services. Our office has a separate specialized department called LEONARDO, offering comprehensive Public Relations and Communication services as well as travel in cooperation with established travel agencies, thus combining creative expression with scientific excellence.

In particular, our office provides:

  • Operation Plan of the event
  • Secretarial support
  • Financial management
  • Dedication and service to find sponsors
  • Conduct of participations
  • Publication of printed matter
  • Production of audiovisual material with simultaneous presentation during the event
  • Design and decoration of the spaces
  • Arranging of exhibition stands
  • Translations - Interpretations
  • Organization of parallel social or cultural events
  • Curriculum (Form, CD, DVD)
  • Publicity of the event (Press conferences, issue and distribution of press releases, etc.)

In addition, in direct cooperation with the travel agency Natassa Travel, we undertake:

  • Travel agency services
  • Tickets with every means of transport
  • Vip transfers (privately owned fleet with limousines)
  • Transfers (private fleet of 24 luxury buses)
  • Excursions - Tours

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